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College Campus

L. J. D. Colleges -Its Infrastructural facilities

Facilities act as a catalyst in creating Educational Background and learning process. We, as the Front runners at Self financed Degree College understand this aspect well and take best possible care to provide the best and latest facilities as required in our Course Curriculum.

Our setup are included Latest Technology Computer Laboratory, various musical and sports Instruments, Materials and Teaching Aids, Books and magazines, Journals, and various equipment’s. We are also having Instructional Facilities, Educational Technology Laboratory and Gymnasium to provide the best of understanding to our Students. In our General Education courses of BA, (H) BCOM(H), and BSC (H) we are having well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology,Botany,Zoology and Computer  Laboratories for acquiring experimental skill for future research. The facility of all this lab has been  designed for modern education and  to meet highest standards.